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Siberut Culture Festival 2010

turuk_lagai_siberut_danceTuruk Laggai: Natural Harmony In A Dance

That day the atmosphere of West Sumatra Cultural Park is very different from other days, because of the closed theater Cultural Park West Sumatra foot tugs sounded rhythmic sound of drums and a song that sounds more like a joke wildlife in Siberut. In the theater looks crowded by the visitors who nearly filled all the seats are there, on stage seen three male dancers who wear traditional clothing Mentawai (kabit) with accessories in the form of beads and leaves are paired in their arms and head. The beat comes from the feet of three male dancers who accompanied gajeuma voice '(typical Mentawai drum made of palm tree and snake skin), which beat by three other men.

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Siberut National Park

General Situation

Siberut (4030 km ²) is the largest island of four islands in the Mentawai which lies off the coast of West Sumatra. Siberut Island lies south of the equator between the coordinates of 0 º 80 'to 2 º 00' south latitude and 98 º 60 'to 99 º 40' East Longitude. The distance between the islands of Siberut and Sumatra island about 155 km across the Mentawai Strait. Administratively Siberut included in the Mentawai Islands District formed in 1999. Siberut is divided into five districts: the North Siberut (Muara Sikabaluan), South Siberut (Muara Siberut), West Siberut (Simalegi), southwest of Siberut (Taileleu), Middle Siberut (Saibi Samukop). Siberut National Park (SNP) is determined based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry No. 407/KPTS II/1993 dated August 10, 1993 with a total area of 190,500 ha located on the west coast of the island stretching from North to South beach.

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Regions circumstances Siberut

Siberut Island equatorial climates that hot and humid with high rainfall and no prolonged dry season. Average rainfall per year is approximately 3.320 mm. Rainfall is highest between April and October, while the relatively dry months between February and June. Temperature and humidity are relatively constant with humidity ranging between 81-85% and the average daily temperature is 22 º C - 31 º C with the highest point on the island is 384 meters above sea level.

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Area Siberut


Tranportation to and from the island of Siberut, served by three ships, two ships departed from the Port of Muara Padang and the ship departed from the Port Bungus. Schedule of transportation boat to Siberut...
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Activity TN Siberut

The Efforts have been done by managing Siberut National Park (SNP) such as :

1. Building partnerships in the form Colaborative Management (Co-Management), initiated by UNESCO involves four elements consisting of (SNP), UNESCO, NGO Yayasan Citra Mandiri and Indigenous Peoples.